Odin Lumber Company: The History

Odin Lumber Company is a family owned and operated company located in Brunswick, GA. A company that all started from a simple vision. A simple vision with even bigger dreams. A company built from unconditional love for the game of baseball and woodworking together. Odin Lumber Company was born in January 2020 in a cramped two-car garage down in the heart of South Georgia. At Odin Lumber Company, we truly believe that the bat you choose to swing, should be constructed to meet your expectations in every way. We pride ourselves on bringing you an elite, durable and professional product at every level of play that baseball has to offer. While our values and tradition to the game of baseball remain true, we also welcome the creativity and evolution that baseball continues to display.

Bat Warranty

30-Day Limited Warranty

Under this limited warranty, Odin Lumber Company will provide a replacement of your "Odin Pro Series" wood bat within thirty (30) days of purchase, if the following criteria is met while preforming "normal bat use":

1. Severe Denting

2. Structural Damage to Finish (Cracking)

To qualify for the "30-Day Limited Warranty", you must be the original purchaser of the bat and provide proof of purchase with date record.


Note: All Demo Pack, Custom Engraving, Custom Bat, Trophy Bat & Apparel purchases are final.

Shipping: All products are made to order. (Unless ordered from "Ready To Ship" tab) - Please allow 10-14 Business Days for completion. All Order Ship USPS Priority Shipping The Day After Completion.